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New Technical Notes on Jitter

ORANGE, Calif., Apr 26, 2007 

Statek Corporation, a leading manufacturer of ultra-miniature quartz crystals, oscillators and sensors, announced the availability of two Tech Notes on oscillator jitter.

Oscillator jitter has become increasingly significant in system design in recent years. Because the period in a system using a faster clock is shorter, the allowed variation in the period in such a system is smaller. Statek Technical Notes 35 and 36 address various aspects of this important issue.

Technical Note 35 provides an overview of timing, period and cycle-to-cycle jitter in oscillators.

Technical Note 36 provides an overview of the methods, system configuration and equipment that Statek uses to measure jitter.

If you have an application that requires the measurement of jitter on one of our oscillators, please contact us at 714-639-7810 or e-mail us at:



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