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Statek Corporation is a Key Supplier to the Medical Telemetry Market

ORANGE, Calif., Oct 14, 2005 

Statek Corporation, a leading manufacturer of ultra-miniature quartz crystals for the medical market, has recently developed a CX9 crystal specifically designed to support Zarlink Semiconductor's ZL™70100 medical implantable RF (radio frequency) transceiver chip.

Zarlink's ZL™70100 chip is the first device designed exclusively for wireless communication systems that link implanted medical devices and base stations.

Statek's CX9 telemetry crystal is the smallest crystal (1.50 mm x 4.10 mm x 0.90 mm) designated for medical implantable applications.

Physicians can use MICS (Medical Implant Communication Service) technology to remotely monitor patient health without requiring regular hospital visits. For example, an ultra low-power RF transceiver in a pacemaker can wirelessly send patient health and device performance data to a bedside base station in the home. Data is then forwarded over the telephone or Internet to the physician's office, and if a problem is detected the patient goes to the hospital where the high-speed two-way RF link can be used to easily monitor and adjust device performance.

"By closely collaborating on the crystal and chip design, we optimized the system performance in order to minimize size and power consumption, while providing a robust communication link. This will considerably simplify the design process for medical telemetry applications," said Peter Putnam, Director of Marketing, Ultra Low-Power Communications, Zarlink Semiconductor.

The ZL™70100 is available as a chip as well as a complete module that can be easily designed into medical applications.

For more information, please contact Statek Corporation at 714-639-7810, e-mail us at:, visit our website at or visit Zarlink Semiconductor's Ultra-Low Power Communications website at



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