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Statek Corporation's New CXOM Surface Mount Crystal Oscillator

ORANGE, Calif., Jan 01, 2003 

Statek Corporation, a recognized leader in ultra-miniature quartz crystal, oscillator and sensor technology, announces the release of its new-generation CXOM miniature SMT crystal oscillators. With Statekšs renowned durability built in, the new oscillators deliver a wide range of features in ultra-low profile, hermetically sealed ceramic packages.

Consisting of a TTL and CMOS-compatible hybrid circuit and a Statek quartz crystal, CXOM oscillators utilize the latest advancements in quartz micro-machining technologies. With footprints of 5.0 mm x 6.5 mm, maximum heights of 1.4 mm, and voltages ranging from 5V down to 1.5V, they are ideal for low power applications. A high-shock version is also available to meet demanding industrial and military requirements.

CXOM oscillators are available in frequencies from 312 kHz to 170 MHz. Temperature range options accommodate commercial (-10 to +70°C), industrial (-40 to +85°C) and military (-55 to +125°C) requirements. Specific applications include medical instrumentation, industrial timekeeping and microprocessor control, military intelligent munitions, aircraft and aerospace computers, radio communications, and GPS location and navigation.

For more information on the CXOM quartz crystal oscillator or to request samples, please contact Statek Corporation at 714-639-7810 (Tel), 714-997-1256 (Fax), or e-mail us at:



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