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Statek Corporation's New CX-9 - The World's Smallest Quartz Crystal

ORANGE, Calif., Mar 01, 2002 

Statek Corporation announces the release of the ultra-miniature, low profile CX-9 surface mount crystal. With a footprint of 4.00mm x 1.50mm, and a height of 0.80mm, Statek continues to be a leader in manufacturing the world’s smallest surface mount crystals.

Whether your application is Consumer based (cell phone, PDA, GPS, WLAN), Industrial based (bar code reader/transmitter, animal tracking), Medical based (pacemaker, defibrillator, neuro stimulator) or Military based (missile telemetry, GPS, smart munitions), Statek’s CX-9 crystal is the preferred choice worldwide.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the CX-9 crystal is available in frequencies from 32 kHz to 160 kHz “Tuning Fork”, and 20 MHz to 200 MHz “AT Fundamental”. (Other frequencies may be available upon request.) Using micro-machining processes, this surface-mountable crystal is hermetically sealed to ensure high stability and low aging. Tight calibration and high frequency/temperature stability make the CX-9 ideally suited for all applications. Samples are available upon request.

Through design and manufacturing processes, Statek provides high performance frequency control products that meet or exceed customer expectations. Statek also specializes in the development and manufacturing of crystal and oscillator products for “High Shock” (up to 100,000 G) applications, and offers full military testing of all products manufactured in our state-of-the-art ISO 9001 certified facility.

For more information on the CX-9 crystal, please contact Statek Corporation at 714-639-7810 or e-mail us at:



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