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Statek's Dr. Shih S. Chuang Recognized At 1999 IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium

ORANGE, Calif., Apr 23, 1999 

Dr. Shih S. Chuang, Statek Corporationís Chief Operating Officer, was awarded the prestigious C.B. Sawyer Memorial Award for his contributions and leadership in the development and commercialization of micro-machined quartz crystal devices.

This award was recently presented during the joint meeting of the 13th European Frequency and Time Forum and 1999 IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium in Besancon, France.

Statek Corporation is a technological leader and innovator of micro-machined quartz crystal products for over thirty years. Statek Corporation is a leading U.S. manufacturer of ultra-miniature quartz crystals and crystal oscillators in Orange, California.

In 1994, Dr. Chuang was awarded EIA's David Larson Award for his contribution in the Quartz Crystal Devices Industry. He is also credited with 24 conference publications and 4 patents related to quartz resonators and sensors.



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