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Statek™ Introduces Ultra-Miniature High Frequency CX-4 Crystals

ORANGE, Calif., Apr 01, 1998 

Crystal manufacturer Statek Corporation has announced the introduction of its ultra- miniature CX-4 crystals. The CX-4 crystal is now available in frequencies from 15 MHz to 50 MHz.

The surface mountable CX-4 quartz crystal measures only 5.0mm x 1.9mm x 1.1mm (typical). The CX-4 crystal has the lowest profile and the smallest footprint in the world! It is encased in an hermetically sealed ceramic package to ensure low aging. Also available in standard frequencies as low as 32.768 kHz.

The CX-4 crystal is ideal for wireless communication and hand-held instrumentation applications. Available at competitive prices (as low as $2.00 in high volume) and prompt delivery.



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