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Statek Corporation's CX18 - The World's Smallest Quartz Crystal

ORANGE, Calif., Jan 08, 2010 

Statek Corporation, a recognized leader in ultra-miniature quartz crystal, oscillator, and sensor technology, announces the release of its ultra-miniature, low-profile CX18 crystal.  With overall dimensions of 1.55 mm x 0.95 mm x 0.35 mm, and a typical weight of 1.8 mg, Statek’s CX18 is the smallest and lightest surface-mount crystal in the world.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the CX18 crystal has a target frequency range of 30 MHz and higher.  Samples of the 50 MHz version of this ultra-miniature crystal are available now.  This crystal is available with glass-lid, and in tight calibration tolerances in the range of 5 ppm.

The CX18 crystal is ideal for any application in which board space or the height of the crystal is at a premium.  Examples of potential applications include medical, military, industrial, and smart card applications.   

For the latest information on Statek's CX18 crystal, including available frequencies and calibration tolerances, contact us at (Tel.) 714-639-7810, (Fax) 714-997-1256, or e-mail us at



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